Universities, colleges, vocational and technical institutions are important part of modern society. All kinds of capable talents just like products of Academy organization and test and measurement instruments are the processing equipment for EE students. With excellent value and cost-effective test equipment for personnel training, RIGOL is the main T&M supplier for fundamental and advanced electronics related courses. By decreasing price to unbelievable level, RIGOL equips various college laboratories in real industrial design and debugging conditions to get rid of the traditional low level experimental teaching programs.

Fundamental Electronics curriculum is the basis of professional electronic experimental course, it is an important part for training electronic engineers. RIGOL developed an innovative experimental courseware with partners to integrated traditional instrument experiments with virtual instruments. With the comparison of two kinds of results, students enjoy the initiative, explosive and creative course, and combine theory and practice better.

Digital circuit experiment curriculum is changing with advances in electronic technology gradually. In addition to traditional analog circuit experiment, the embedded design and mixed circuit test have gradually entered the experiment course. RIGOL’s mixed signal oscilloscope provide not only analog channels, but 16 digital channels also. It can replace traditional logic analyzers to complete digital signal debugging with easier operation and reasonable price. By using mixed-signal oscilloscope, students’ abilities are enhanced on digital-circuit test which become mainstream teaching solution in many colleges.
Digital circuit experiment curriculum

RF circuit is a curriculum requires theoretical knowledge, engineering ability, and comprehensive practical skills. In the past, spectrum analyzer is expensive and many of laboratories are not equipped. By using simple alternative solution, students often meet difficulties to get a deeper understanding of frequency-domain signals feature and characters. RIGOL DSA815 Spectrum Analyzer broke price barrier and equips high-frequency laboratories by high quality instruments with affordable budget. And TG models provides tracking source to make scalar network analysis and parametric testing abilities.

RF circuit

RF integrated experimental solution is a comprehensive experimental courses based on RIGOL of TX1000 RF modules, numbers of RF test can be made on it. The TX1000 module consists of a high-frequency oscillation signal, mixers, filters and amplifiers, and each device has a dual-port. Users can use test equipment to detect signals in time domain and frequency domain characteristics. Each device can be independently tested, it can be connected to form a complete system to help students understand the communication principles and transmitter technology. In addition, the RF module can be controlled and simulated by PC software, to enable students to learn further programming practice, communications protocols, signal compiling.

RF integrated experimental solution

RIGOL University Program aims to strengthen communication and cooperation between colleges and RIGOL. There are dozens of Joint Labs founded in Chinese Universities and more projects are in progress. RIGOL introduce more and better innovation experimental curricula and instruments to education institutes. While by extensive testing practice, RIGOL also understand actual needs of electronic engineering teaching by firsthand, to provide guidance for future products roadmap and technology innovation.

RIGOL University Program