RIGOL Release MSO / DS4000 Series Bandwidth Upgrade Option 2015-03-01


      China, Beijing, May 1st 2015 - RIGOL Technologies Inc. release MSO/DS4000 series digital oscilloscope bandwidth upgrade options for 200MHz and 350MHz bandwidth of models. The new option allows customers to simultaneously meet current needs , protect the user’s investment and enhance instrument performance.


       RIGOL MSO/DS4000 series digital oscilloscope has the international advanced level of technical indicators, the development and manufacturing also used a lot of advanced technologies and processes, and the overall performance is outstanding. As a result of RIGOL original UltraVision technology, MSO/DS4000 series digital oscilloscope can achieve deep memory, high waveform capture rate and real-time waveform recording and playback capabilities, multi-level gray scale display. The series configuration 500MHz / 350MHz / 200MHz / 100MHz bandwidth of four levels, with the options available to customers as well as the 2/4 channel logic analyzer, up to 4GSa/s analog channel real-time sampling rate, 1GSa/s maximum sampling rate of digital channels , 140Mpts analog channel standard memory depth, up to 28Mpts digital channels, 110,000 wfms / s waveform capture rate. MSO / DS4000 series digital oscilloscope also has extensive bus trigger and decode functions, with low 1mV / div full minimum vertical scale bandwidth of the oscilloscope is representative of mainstream models.





        This option is only for the 200MHz and 350MHz bandwidth of models, and it can be installed by user without back to fatory, and it will enhance the performance of MSO / DS4000 series digital oscilloscop.