DP800 non-A series Programmable DC Power Supply Released 2015-07-01


       RIGOL Technologies, INC. released its new DP800 non-A series (DP831, DP821 and DP811) programmable DC power supply on July.1, 2015. Compare with DP831A, DP821A and DP811A, DP800 non-A series are simplified version with higher performance-and-price ratio, and they also can be upgraded by installing options. These new simplified models enriches the DP800 series product line and will brings more choice to customers.

Figure 1 DP831, DP821 and DP811 Programmable DC Power Supply

        DP800 series provides four models before: DP832A, DP831A, DP821A and DP832. Among which DP832 is a simplified version of DP832A. DP800 provides pure output, excellent performance, various analysis function and abundant interfaces which can meet different testing need.

       The main differences between DP831/DP821/ DP811 and DP831A/DP821A/DP811A are programming resolution, display resolution and readback resolution. Besides, the standard communication interfaces of DP831/DP821/DP811 do not include RS232 and LAN, but they can be updated by ordering and installing options. The following table shows the options of DP800 non-A.

       The new DP831 includes three channels: 8V/5A, +30V/2A and -30V/2A; The new DP821 includes two channels: 60V/1A and 8V/10A. While DP811 provides one channel with two output ranges: 40V/5A and 20V/10A..

Table 1 DP800 Options List

       1.3 outputs; Independent control for each channel; Some channels are isolated.

       2.Low Ripple and Noise: <350 uVrms/2mVpp

        3.Fast Transient Response Time: <50us

        4.30V/3A || 30V/3A, 5V/3A, total power up to 195W

        5.DP831A/DP831: 3 outputs, 8V/5A || 30V/2A, -30V/2A, total power up to 160W

        6.DP821A/DP821: 2 outputs, 60V/1A || 8V/10A, with remote Sense, total power up to 140W

        7.DP811A/DP811: 1 output, 20V/10A (Low Range), 40V/5A (High Range), with remote Sense, total power up to 200W

        8.Excellent Linear Regulation Rate and Load Regulation Rate

        9.Built in V,A,W measurements and waveform display

        10.Standard OVP/OCP/OTP protection functions

        11.Standard Timing output

        12.Support more advanced functions: timer and delay

        13.output(standard),recorder/analyzer/monitor/trigger(standard in models with "A" and optional in other models)

        14.Various interfaces: USB Host&Device (standard), USB-GPIB (optional),LAN/RS232/Digital IO(standard in models with "A" and optional in other models)

        15.3.5 inch TFT display

        The DP800 non-A Series provides excellent performance and highly cost effective, they will become a better choice for research and development, education, industrial control, mobile communication, and product testing, etc.