RIGOL Launches PVP2000 Series High Impedance Passive Probe 2016-09-05

On September 5, 2016, RIGOL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (hereinafter referred to as RIGOL) officially released its PVP2000 series high impedance passive probe. The PVP2000 is a general purpose test probe, and compatible with all RIGOL series oscilloscopes. The probe can be sold separately. Also the PVP2000 series probe will replace RP2200 and RP3300A, becoming the standard probe that matches some of the RIGOL series oscilloscopes. What enhances is its excellent performance and superb user experience, but its price remains unchanged!

Figure 1 RIGOL PVP2000 Series High Impedance Passive Probe


PVP2000 series includes two models: PVP2150 and PVP2350, which are used to replace the original RP2200 and RP3300A. For an attenuation of 10X, the bandwidths of PVP2150 and PVP2350 are 150 MHZ and 350 MHZ. For an attenuation of 1X, the bandwidth of the PVP2000 series probe improves from the original 7 MHZ to 35 MHZ. This is an important performance improvement for the probe, offering a best choice for the electronic engineers to measure the low-level signals.


The user-friendly and smart design of the probe takes the user habit into account. Its unique triangular design in appearance caters to the human mechanics, making users feel comfortable to hold in hand. With the smooth line, delicate touch feeling, fine materials, the probe reflects the smart thinking and creative design concept of the designers.