Product Configration
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Optional accessory Standard configuration for DP800As
Rack mounting kit RM-DG4000 / DG1000Z(USD:153)
Advanced Features option Ultra Station-adv(USD:109)
Source Universal optional accessory Standard configuration for DP800As
10W power amplifier module PA1011(USD:429)
BNC to alligator clip adapter CB-BNC-AC-100-L(USD:10)
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  • Large screen display , novel and beautiful appearance
  • Standard 2 identical channels with frequency and phase coupling
  • Arbitrary waveform function and built-in 150 waveform
  • Abundant analog and digital modulation functions
  • Various Sweep modes
  • Noise and Burst modes
  • Up to 16 orders customized Harmonic generation function
  • high resolution counter
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