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Optional accessory Standard configuration for DP800As
Pulse Train Generator (with DSG800-PUM installed) DSG800-PUG(USD:799)
Pulse Modulation, Pulse Generator DSG800-PUM(USD:599)
High Stable Reference Clock OCXO-B08(USD:629)
Rack Mount Kit (For one Instrument) RM-1-DG1000Z(USD:74)
Rack Mount Kit (For two Instruments) RM-2-DG1000Z(USD:98)
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  • -105 dBc/Hz (typical)@20kHz Phase Noise
  • Wide band High Output Power
  • Excellent Level uncertainty
  • Excellent Amplitude Repeatability
  • Complete AM/FM/ØM Modulation
  • Enable to generate LF signal including DC
  • Powerful Pulse Modulation Function
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