Product Configration
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Optional accessory Standard configuration for DP800As
Full-featured PC software Ultra Acquire Pro(USD:919)
Rack mounting kit RM-1-M300(USD:267)
Rack mount kit RM-2-M300(USD:300)
Switch Systems Universal optional accessory Standard configuration for DP800As
16-channel actuator wiring box M3TB16(USD:78)
4x8 double matrix module junction box M3TB48(USD:78)
24-channel multiplexer junction box M3TB24(USD:78)
64-channel multiplexer junction box M3TB64(USD:78)
32-channel multiplexer junction box M3TB32(USD:78)
Multifunctional module: 4 COUNTER, 4-way 16bit of DAC, 4 8-bit DIO MC3534(USD:606)
16-channel actuators MC3416(USD:395)
4x8 double matrix module MC3648(USD:494)
24-channel multiplexer (2/4 line), with 4-channel current channel MC3324(USD:545)
Multifunction junction box M3TB34(USD:78)
64-channel single-ended multiplexer MC3164(USD:462)
32-channel multiplexer (2/4 line) MC3132(USD:454)
6.5 Digital Multimeter MC3065 (Standard for M301 and M302)(USD:531)
20-channel multiplexer (2/4 line) MC3120 (Standard for M302)(USD:368)
20-channel multiplexer junction box M3TB20 (Standard for M302)(USD:78)
Flip GPIB connector M3GPIB(USD:71)
Analog bus adapter A-BUS-EXT-PORT(USD:21)
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  • large screen display
  • 6.5 measure resolution
  • Up to 320 channels
  • 8 kinds of Modules supported
  • Full Interfaces supported
  • System control software Ultra Acquire
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