Product Configration
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Optional accessory Standard configuration for DP800As
LAN Interface LAN-DL3(USD:107)
Digital I/O Option,DIGITALIO-DL3(USD:107)
High Readback Resolution,HIRES-DL3(USD:107)
High Frequency Option,FREQ-DL3(USD:107)
High Slew Rate Option,SLEWRATE-DL3(USD:107)
Electronic load general optional accessories Standard configuration for DP800As
Terminal Shield, DL-02(USD:20)
20 A Red and Black Test Lead, CB-20A-780MM(USD:20)
40 A Red and Black Test Lead, CB-40A-780MM(USD:30)
60 A Red and Black Test Lead, CB-60A-780MM(USD:41)
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  • 30 kHz dynamic mode
  • 5 A/μs current rising speed
  • Powerful list operation function
  • Powerful waveform display function
  • Easy-to-use function of file storage and recalling
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