Programmable DC Electronic Load

DL3000 is a cost-effective programmable DC electronic load with high performance. With a user-friendly interface and superb performance specifications, DL3000 series provides various interfaces for remote communication to meet your diversified test requirements. It can be widely used in various industries.

Series Total power Voltage Current The highest frequency Slew Rate Current ReadBack Voltage ReadBack
200W 150V 40A 15kHz 2.5A/us 1mA 1mV
200W 150V 40A 30kHz 3.0A/us 0.1mA 0.1mV
350W 150V 60A 15kHz 2.5A/us 1mA 1mV
350W 150V 60A 30kHz 5.0A/us 0.1mA 0.1mV