RF Signal Generator

DSG3000 Series RF source is the new choice for the customers who are in charge of the applications about Wireless communication, Radar test, Audio/Video Broadcasting,General purpose,Education,Consumer Electronics... Its startling basic specifications could meet many application requirements about the analog RF source, it also supports internal and external IQ modulation as the Vector signal source. DSG800 establishes a new standard in economical RF signal generators. Combined with the RIGOL DSA800 economical spectrum analyzer, the product pair provides a powerful solution for RF test and measurement applications.

Series Frequency Range Width index range Amplitude accuracy (typical) SSB phase noise (typ)
9kHz~6GHz,9kHz~3GHz -130dBm~+13dBm <0.5dB <-110dBc/Hz@1GHz,20KHz
9kHz~3GHz,9kHz~1.5GHz -110dBm~+13dBm <0.5dB <-105dBc/Hz@1GHz,20KHz